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DIY Valentines Day Mantel

By on January 11, 2019
DIY valentines mantel

Valentines day décor does not have to be an overkill of reds and pinks! I love decorating for all the holidays, but Valentines Day is a little more difficult, in my opinion. I don’t want my house to look like someone came in and just threw a bunch of tacky red and pink plastic and […]

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Simple and Effective Ways to Distribute Household Chores Among the Family

By on November 28, 2017

Guest post written by Nicole Gardiner. Nicole is passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning and organizing and owns a small cleaning company based in London. As ridiculous as it may sound, when people are having trouble with distributing the chores around their home, it sometimes leads to an unhappy and fighting family. Whatever […]

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