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My Favorite Youtube Channels

February 21, 2018

The reason I started this blog was to share all my favorites with everyone like I would tell my girlfriends about something I loved! So since there are literally millions of YouTube channels out there, I wanted to share my absolute favorites.

I don’t spend too much time on YouTube unless I am watching the latest video of my favorite channels or I am searching for something in particular.

From beauty and fashion to home decor and organizing, I have a list here that you just have to go check out.

my favorite youtube channelsMy Favorite YouTube Channels

  1. The Sorry Girls  share amazing DIYs that are affordable and unique. I just adore and admire their creative and original ideas! From upcycling furniture to thrift store clothes, I am always so inspired to create after watching their channel. (Also, their studio loft is swoon-=worthy and I love watching their interior styling videos)my favorite youtube channels
  2. Ingrid Nilsen was the very first Youtuber I ever subscribed to and the only channel I have been loyal to for YEARS! I feel like I have actually grown up with Ingrid. (We are the same age I believe and watching her brand grow and all that she has accomplished over the years is incredibly inspiring!) Her channel use to be called Missglamarazzi (or something like that.) She is a beauty guru with the best tips for makeup, hair, and fashion. Her closet is seriously GOALS. Her style is very laid back and easy to relate to. My favorite videos of hers is actually the recipes and her apartment tours. Her decor style is amazing and I will always watch her videos as SOON as they are published. my favorite youtube channels
  3. Rachel Talbott is a lifestyle channel where she mainly talks about self-care. She is a momma who has this self-care thing DOWN. Her home is beautiful, her DIY bath recipes are ah-mazing and she shares really tasty and healthy food recipes (many kid-friendly). Go watch her latest vlog and just melt when you see her gorgeous property! my favorite youtube channels
  4. Do It On A Dime is a channel for frugal decor, organizing, cleaning routines and Dollar Store shopping hauls. Her holiday Dollar Store DIY decor videos are my favorite! my favorite youtube channels
  5. Healthy Grocery Girl is incredibly motivating to eat healthier. She is a dietician nutritionist that shares simple and wholesome recipes, meal prep videos, and natural beauty products. 
  6. is a organizing channel that will literally blow your mind. I became completely obsessed with this channel a few years ago and started organizing my ENTIRE home. She has very unique an colorful ideas on how to declutter and organize your whole life. Very inspiring! my favorite youtube channels
  7. Hermione Chantal is an adorable bubbly British DIY guru. She makes fun, bright and affordable home decor that is always on-trend. 
  8. Clutterbug is another channel I have watched for a couple years now. She is funny and down-to-earth and work from home mom who understands the struggles of keeping a clean and organized home with children! Her organizing videos are wonderful and she has a lot of unique ideas on how to beat that clutter. 


So there you have it! These ladies are my favorite but I would really love to find more channels. Leave a comment with your favorite YouTube channel and I will go check it out! Thanks mamas

QUESTION: I have been thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for awhile and wondering what you all think! What kind of videos would you like to see?? DIYS? Recipes? Mom style lookbooks? Let me know in the comments or email at and let me know your thoughts. I would SO appreciate it !

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Sounds like you and I could get along well! All of these channels sound fabulous. My 10 year old twin girls are getting into the DIY stuff, so I’ll have to have them check out The Sorry Girls. And I need healthy kid friendly recipes, so I’ll check out Rachel’s channel. Thanks!

  2. Honestly, I am so NOT on top of YouTube channels – I barely have time to keep up on my Netflix! – but the Sorry Girls channel sounds most interesting of the ones you mention here. (Sorry I don’t have ideas for yours, but good luck with it!)

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