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A Simple Colorful Holiday Craft With Goldfish Crackers

November 25, 2017


With holidays here and the craziness of shopping, baking, planning, traveling… it is so important for us all to just slow down and take the time to make memories with our children. It is so easy for me to get wrapped up with my to-do list that I need to be mindful of what the holidays really means to me and my family.Goldfish crackers

We love crafts over here and I try to have simple and fun activities and crafts to keep my preschooler busy. I am sharing an easy and fun craft for your kiddos using supplies you probably already have around your house!

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your favorite holiday music and get ready to make lasting memories with your children.


  1. Cardboard toilet paper roll
  2. Green construction paper
  3. Children’s scissors
  4. Colorful Goldfish Crackers
  5. Glitter (optional)
  6. Glue
  7. Marker for tracing
  8. Sequins or pom poms
  9. Pipe cleaner
  10. Brown paint and paint brush
  11. Ribbon


Step 1

Paint the cardboard tube with brown paint and let sit to dry.

Step 2

Draw a christmas tree shape on green construction paper. Then have your child cut the shape out with safety scissors. (This is great scissor practice!)

Step 3

Decorate the tree with Goldfish crackers, sequins, pom moms, glitter or stickers, and ribbon

Step 4

Once the cardboard tube is dry, help your child glue the tree to the cardboard tube leaving some tube showing as the trunk of the tree.

Step 5

We wrapped a gold glittery pipe cleaner around the base of the tree to add some sparkle. ( I ended up needing a dab of hot glue to get this one to stick!)

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers
The best kind of crafting has snacks

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers
“one for me, one for the tree”

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers

Goldfish crackers
We added a large pom pom for the “star” of the Christmas tree


You can make a few of these and have your kids gift them to neighbors or friends! We made a few trees because Liam just didn’t want to stop glueing!

Want a reason to have a playdate? While the kids are on holiday break, invite some friends over to make several of these trees to gift to your local senior citizen home.

They will be so proud to give out their masterpieces and learn the joyful feeling of giving.

Looking for more great crafts and activities ? Head to the Goldfish crackers Pinterest page for great holiday activity, craft, and mix ideas to create those Goldfish moments together as a family.

Did you know Goldfish crackers are colored naturally using plants??

To learn more about how each color cracker is made go here!


I hope you got to spend some quality time with your family during the holiday break!

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  1. This is SO cute! My son is obsessed with Goldfish crackers and we always have them around so we will definitely be making these. 🙂

  2. I love this idea! I was actually looking for cool crafts to do with my son. We will definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing!

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