A Cozy Morning Gift Basket- A Perfect Gift For Newlyweds

October 13, 2017

For a friend’s wedding this month, I wanted to make a cute gift basket that they could use right away as a couple. I really had no idea what “theme” I was going to use until I saw this beautiful cold brew coffee kit at Cost Plus World Market. That’s where I got the idea that I would make it a coffee themed, cozy gift basket.

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Everything I bought was either from Target or World Market, and very affordable. (Except the basket, that one was from Michael’s craft store!)

I struggled with finding an affordable large basket that I knew they could continue using. I saw this one at Michael’s Craft Store and thought it would be perfect. It was a little difficult to work with as it’s kind of floppy and not as structured as I would have wanted. But I still think it turned out perfect. The texture of the basket and the handles on each side is why I really love it.

Since this particular basket was pretty deep, I had to use some plain craft paper as a filler to prop the items up. Once I had the items all where I wanted them to be, I sprinkled in the crinkle paper. TIP: I never buy it! I just always keep it and reuse it whenever I find some. (think the filler in your beauty subscription boxes or whenever you receive a gift with this filler)perfect gift for newlyweds

I knew I wanted a soft cozy blanket so I got one at Target-it is perfect because it already came wrapped with a ribbon ! (and had a cartwheel for that one! score!)

I originally had planned to put a french press in the basket too, but when I saw this beautiful vintage style coffee grinder, I thought that would be a fun touch instead! (I love how it can be used as a decoration in the kitchen while also being functional).

perfect gift for newlyweds
Ingredients for a perfectly lazy and cozy morning


I picture the newlyweds baking these pumpkin scones together and then snuggling on the couch sipping coffee while the warm Fall scent of the candle fills the room.

perfect gift for newlyweds
I didn’t add a bow or any ribbon- I love how it looks, just like this !





perfect gift for newlyweds
I just had to get cheesy with the wifey and hubby mugs!

Blanket// Target

Basket// Michael’s Craft Store

Scone Dish// World Market

Cold Brew Coffee Kit// World Market

Coffee Grinder// World Market

Columbia Coffee// World Market

Hickory Hearth Candle// Target

Pumpkin Spice Scone Mix// World Market

Wifey and Hubby Mugs// World Market & Target

A few other ideas to put in this gift basket:

  1. Slippers for him and her
  2. The newlyweds favorite magazines or a book you think they would enjoy
  3. A redbox giftcard so they can veg-out and watch a new movie
  4. A french press or if you know they have a keurig- K-cups
  5. A cute spatula or wooden spoon with a mixing bowl for the scone mix
  6. Essential oils or massage oils
  7. Soft fuzzy socks
  8. Pancake or Waffle Mix and fancy maple syrup
  9. Local honey and biscuit mix
  10. Anything monogrammed

Thank you for stopping by!

I had so much fun putting this gift basket together and hope you got some inspiration for your own gift basket ideas!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Ok, this is such a cute idea! I have never even thought to make something like this, but I LOVE how personal this is! I would have loved getting something like this at my wedding.

  2. Such a sweet idea! My BiL&SiL received a basket with various bottles of wine with labels around the necks as a wedding present. A bottle for each “first” during the first year. Such a thoughtful gift!

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