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New Momma Self-Care Tips + Pink Blush Off the Shoulder Top

July 31, 2017

*A huge thank you to PinkBlush for sending me this beautiful top! All opinions are my own. To read my full disclaimer click here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice I am a pretty casual girl. Most weekends we are hiking or camping and during the week I am usually wearing jean shorts and an old band tee… but I truly love to dress a bit girly and throw on a comfortable pair of heels. (Yes, there really is such a thing!) I am becoming more and more confident and comfortable in my “mom bod”. For a long time, fashion and beauty were the last things on my mind. I put myself dead last for a long time. For the past two years I have been better at actually spending some time for myself. Putting on makeup everyday because I truly love to play with makeup and it makes me feel good… throwing on a cute dress or top on the weekends to go have brunch with the girls… staying up a little late to do my nails or put on a face mask… these are all little things that make the world of difference for me.

Here are some of my self-care tips I try to do as often as possible:

  • Apply a face mask or hair mask (Pinterest has lots of DIY options!)
  • Trim those nails, moisturize those cuticles, and if you have time- add some color to those beautiful fingers, mama!
  • Take a bubble bath! I love to take detox baths with candles lit and my favorite jams playing. Even if you only get a few minutes of peace and quiet…it helps!
  • Take yourself on a date! Treat yourself to a coffee or glass of wine at your favorite cafe and enjoy a good book or magazine
  • Try new makeup techniques you have never tried before- I love watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus
  • Watch a total chick flick and indulge in some dark chocolate and red wine (The Notebook or Bride Wars + a cabernet sauvignon+ chocolate covered strawberries= heaven for me!)
  • Go for a bike ride ! Or walk, or run or do yoga…. squeezing in some exercise can be so hard for us mothers but even just 10 minutes a day is better than nothing! I am not a “fitness” person… I hate the gym and if you see me running, something is for sure chasing me. But I am active and my absolute favorite thing to do is to hike. Something about that fresh mountain air and getting out of the city really helps clear my mind. Involving your kids in getting active is the easiest way to squeeze that in your busy day.
  • Pursue a hobby! It is so easy to lose yourself in motherhood and then one day when the kids are grown and gone… what on earth will we do with ourselves?? Blogging is something I do for myself and it fulfills my creative need. I also love to read, doodle, garden, paint and collect vintage/unique items for my home. These little hobbies of mine keep me from losing myself in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of running a household. Some days I finally sit down after putting Liam to bed and realized ALL I had done that day was clean, cook, laundry… repeat. I could have totally squeezed in a bath during his nap time or soaked my feet in the tub at least! Remembering that the daily chores can wait a few minutes if that means getting some time in for yourself.
  • Another thing I am starting to do again… SHOP for myself ! I’m not saying I went on some huge shopping spree by any means, but if there is a cute piece that I see on sale and I have the extra cash… I go for it! I wouldn’t think twice about spending money on my family, but when it came to things for me… I was getting that good ole MOM GUILT we all know and hate…

For the longest time I just kept thinking I shouldn’t spend money on clothes because I was eventually going to have my pre-baby body. A few months ago, I realized that this IS my body now and I am finally OK with that! I also realized that I was often still shopping for clothes that complimented that pre-baby body I had. I was not feeling great when my mommy tummy was spilling over my jeans because my shirt was too small. Or that some of my once-favorite tops just didn’t hang right anymore. Insert one of my new favorite clothing brands… PinkBlush. Everything on their website is just gorgeous. There are tons of different styles so it’s easy to find something you like. They have the most gorgeous women’s and maternity clothes. (Their silky maternity robes are just too adorable) At first I was a little worried when I saw the models wearing these clothes were so tall and thin and that maybe my 5ft 4″ mommy body wouldn’t look as good…. I am confident and comfortable enough to say that I was WRONG.

I am in LOVE with this Pink Blush top! As summer is coming to end sooner than I want to admit, it’s smart to start shopping for pieces that are able to transition into Autumn. This beautiful peach-colored blouse is silky and has this gorgeous floral print, perfect for summer, while still being a quarter length sleeve top, perfect for Fall.

These bows on the sleeves is my favorite part of the top!


pink blush
#momlife when you are braiding your hair in the car on your way to run errands


I really like how long the shirt is too. I can bend over and not worry about if my back is hanging out. It’s a perfect top that you can dress up with some cream colored capris or skinny jeans or dress down like I did with some distressed denim and casual heels.

I love how comfortable and confident I felt when wearing this. I am so excited to continue to find great pieces from Pink Blush!

Pink Blush

Pink Blush

Pink Blush
I am ADORING off the shoulder tops right now ! I need to keep wearing this one because…. look at those tan lines !


pink blush





**This top was given to me for review by PinkBlush. All opinions are my own 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Have a beautiful day

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  1. Cute top! I keep seeing off the shoulder tops everywhere! And great self care tips too! I’m terrible about it. I think I need to watch a chick flick with chocolate and wine STAT!

  2. These are all great tips and I can totally relate to coming to terms with your current body. My youngest is two and I was struggling with my clothes until I recently embraced my body and bought clothes that fit now.

  3. This floral off the shoulder top is really cute. I love the off the shoulder shirts and love to wear them with leggings & sandals. Makes for such a cute outfit!

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