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May the 4th Be With You-Star Wars at the Hanger 2017

May 4, 2017

In celebration of Star Wars day I wanted to share our trip to the Wings Over The Rockies Star Wars exhibit we visited last weekend.  It was our first time at this museum and we enjoyed it so much we ended up getting a membership!


There was a LOT to do but because this event is only one day, the wait to get in was long. We got there at noon when it started and the line was so huge we didn’t even get in to the building until 1:30. Liam did really good waiting so patiently in line for so long but near the end of the trip he just lost it. He was tired, hungry and way over-stimulated.

When we finally got into the giant airplane hanger there were lines for EVERYTHING, which is why we didn’t get to do a whole lot. My four year old just couldn’t stand in any more lines and I don’t blame him. There were games, free crafts for the kids, a book signing from the creator of the death star… and one of the best parts was the canteen for adults upstairs. After standing in line for an hour and a half Nate and I needed a drink! It was decorated with cool Star Wars memoribilia and they served interesting cocktails. I was drawn to the blue drink (not sure the name) because it was in this giant bowl and was bubbling and had dry ice floating on top. Unfortantely, it was vodka with milk and blue caraco and I was NOT ready for a stiff drink after all. Especially with milk. Nate drank mine anways so none was wasted ! haha

Here are some of the photos from the Canteena. They had the servers dressed up and had Star Wars music playing.

This is the view from upstairs near the canteen

There were many really cool costumes that looked like the real deal! Both people working this event and people attending were all decked out in their best Star Wars attire. Liam loved it ! He did get pretty freaked out by Darth Vadar though so we didn’t get a photo of him.


There was a robotics group there that had a BB8 and an R2D2 that moved around and made noises. THAT was pretty neat!


I wanted to buy an autographed book and talk with former Lucasfilm modeler, Colin Cantwell (Creator of the Death Star!)  but the line for that, like everything, was just too long.


There was an X Wing and a pod racer that you could go and sit in and get your picture taken. There was a super fun game where you got to shoot a nerf gun at this guy dressed as a storm trooper. It was hilarious to watch that.

The Storm trooper being shot at by kids
Pod Racer


Liam was a bit freaked out by these guys too so he clung to Dad


Liam thought this Anikan was real at first ! It was hilarious


They had some really cool prints for sale but we didn’t end up getting any. Maybe next time!

They gave out lightsabers to all the kids made from pool noodles which was a lot of fun for the kids but I am pretty sure every parent there was about to lose their mind. Every child was swinging this pool noodle around, fighting each other and hitting EVERYTHING with these things.

Of course Liam has a Spiderman mask on at a Star Wars event hah!


One of the employees had told me that he heard they were thinking about making this one-day event a month-long exhibit next year, and I really hope that they do ! It was so cool but just way too many people. We missed out on a lot of the activities because the lines were just too long.

So, if you plan on going next year, here are my tips:

  1. Get there EARLY. It starts at noon so get there at least by 11:00. Maybe even 10:30. There is very limited parking so we had to park a few blocks away .
  2. Purchase your tickets online before the day of the event ! The line for purchased tickets was 1/4 the length of the line we were in. But when we went to buy them online the day of, we couldn’t.
  3. Eat before you go!
  4. Don’t order the blue cocktail (unless of course you really like vodka and milk)
  5. As soon as you get there get in line for the X-Wing Starfighter so you can sit in it and take some great photos. Then after that I would head to the green screen that they had set up. That long wasn’t too long because it was all the way at the back of the hanger but by the time we found it, Liam over everything and we had to get out of there due to our screaming four year old.

I can’t wait to go back and look at all the planes when it’s not so crazy busy. This is a really cool museum and they even offer classes and a summer camp. Here is more info on the event:

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you

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