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April 5, 2017
march favorites


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Well hi there ! Welcome!

This month was an odd month over here at my house. It seemed to drag on but at the same time fly by ! My boyfriend was traveling a lot so those days seemed never-ending but when he was home we were super busy and those days and weekends flew by! And now it’s April and almost Easter and I am wondering how that happened… ha!

So jumping on in to share some of my favorites this month…

  1. The first thing I have to talk about is the GoodBelly probiotic drink. I have some serious tummy issues and I have been talking about going to see a doctor for a couple years now… but I am the  kind of person that just really hates going to the doctor and dentist from previous bad experiences. I take my son all the time but for me… well , it’s been awhile. Like since I had my son. Four years ago…. Anyways, I am not going to go into details about what is actually going on with me because I don’t think we know each other that well yet… but let’s just say once or twice a month I have been having some REAL painful stomach issues that kick my ass and make me pray for the pain to stop. I WILL eventually go to the doctor as I believe I may be having serious digestion issues or possibly a food allergy. But until then, I will continue drinking this probiotic drink and hope that I continue to feel amazing.  I am feeling less bloated after eating, more energized, and this could be non-related but my migraines and headaches seem to be less frequent as well. I haven’t changed my diet at all except drinking this 8 ounce glass of juice every day. This company is pretty amazing and they are located right in Boulder,CO. Not only is this helping my stomach issues but it is absolutely delicious! I have had other probiotic drinks that had a gritty texture or a weird after taste but this one is so yummy I really enjoy drinking it ! Go to to see what stores near you carry it. I get mine from my local Sprouts store. While you are on their website, you need to check out their 12 day belly reboot where you can make an account, get lots of helpful information about the product and track your belly everyday and how you are feeling! (They also have a coupon waiting for you if you make an account for the 12 day belly reboot!)


2. My favorite blend of oils to diffuse this month are Thieves with Peace and Calming. The spicey, earthy scent smells so amazing and really calms the kids down. I always make sure to have that diffusing when they are getting dropped off here and right before nap time. (For those who don’t know- I watch children in my home)  Thieves oil helps purify the air and eliminate odors (which there can be a lot of when changing all those stinky diapers!) and helps support the immune system which is also great because germs spread quickly with little hands that touch everything! Peace and calming oil… I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this! Anyone that has used it, especially with children, know how amazing this is. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, comment or send me an email :



3. I saw a post on Instagram about this company Antique Candle Works a couple weeks back and decided to check it out. I ordered two soy melts and when I got them in the mail I was so excited to try them out! It came wrapped so nicely with a little note of who had poured these melts, plus there was a small wild flower scented candle in there as a bonus! I bought “Momma’s Kitchen” and “Lavender” and was impressed with the quality of the product and how wonderful they smell. I have the Mamma’s kitchen in.. you guessed it, my kitchen. And I have the lavender in my bathroom. I love candles and do burn them daily but I also really love wax/soy melts like these because I have a warmer with a timer that I can flip on and not have to worry about remembering to blow the candle out. ( I have totally woken up in the middle of the night jumping out of bed because I forgot to blow out a candle!)  My wax warmer in my bathroom also serves as a nightlight for my son in the evenings and I love that I can smell the lavender from my room. The Wildflower candle they sent me smelled just like this lotion my mom use to have and brought back memories of home. I really love this company and will be purchasing more products soon! (BONUS: if you subscribe to their email list you get 15% off your first order!)




4.The Madhava Organic Raw Blue Agave has been my go-to sweetener this month. I love that I can use this in both my tea and coffee and a little goes a long way ! Since it is a liquid it’s also perfect for iced coffee and tea drinks too. And guess what? It’s also local! They are right in Longmont,CO. Win!  They are sold in some Targets, Safeway, Wal-mart, King Soopers, and Whole Foods. This brand sells lots of different kinds of honey, agave, and syrups but I got mine from Target and they are limited in product selection here unfortunately.



5. I tried a new concealer for my blemishes around my chin area and I am really loving it ! The Physicians Formula Concealer Twins in Green/Light  is a lighter formula that doesn’t cake at all and really helps cover up the redness. I didn’t like it for an under-eye concealer but for blemishes or even redness around your nose it does a great job. My allergies were kicking my butt the other day so I was blowing my nose like crazy and the two-step concealer really helped cancel out that redness.



That’s it for my March favorites ! Look for my April’s favorites the first week of May because we just bought a new coffeemaker that I will be reviewing after using it for a month!

Thanks for stopping by!

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