Budget-friendly ways to freshen your home for Spring

April 1, 2017
budget friendly spring decor



I am no professional interior decorator by any means but I do know how to decorate a home on a SUPER tight budget. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty amazing at bargain shopping. TOOT! I have completely furnished and decorated a room before that would total to maybe $150. But my biggest problem that I have is that sometimes I am too excited to just finish a room or finish a space in my home so I go out and buy whatever I think would work without actually loving it. I almost ALWAYS end up not caring for it and selling it on craigslist anyways. It seems to be the pieces that I stumble upon and fall in love with, buying them with no real one space in mind. Then I take it home and end up loving it even more because it works in different areas of my home. It’s also usually(not always) the pieces I find on clearance, craigslist, thrift stores, and even the garbage. If you read my previous post Get to know your blogger, you would know that I am a proud dumpster diver! No judgement people! If I have to hunt for something or I find a hidden treasure in a local thrift shop… it makes bringing it into my home even more fun!

To the exception of my rule of not buying non-sale items… there are a few cheap items from Target that I fell in love with the other day and made a couple impulse buys. (I am so terrible at that you guys).  I really DO love them and they were very affordable !

img_2923*So the first thing I found was this way-cute kitchen towel. I love it because 1. it was only $3.99, 2. It is huge! and 3. the print is just darling and the turquoise details match my kitchen perfectly.

Here is the kitchen towel laid out… you guys how CUTE is this??

This was a really simple and cheap way to freshen up my sink area! All my kitchen towels were looking quite sad and I was actually using a cloth napkin as my towel there for a bit. (see photo below!)

*This rug from Target was only $15 and if you saw my old rug… ew. I should have taken a photo of it but it is now a garage rug. Which it should have been like two years ago. It was originally a cream color and it was so old it is now brown. And I washed that thing all the time too! I think this brightens up my kitchen even more. I rent my home so there is only so much I can do to update it. Simple things like rugs can make a big change to a space!



*The last think I got from Target was this cute little faux succulent. I have MANY real plants in my home but unfortunately these kitchen shelves that I have don’t get much light so I do mainly fake plants and flowers here. This one came in a wood container and I love the modern yet rustic look to these type of containers. I think it looks great against the white shelves! It was only $7.99. Not too shabby!

*Another obvious way to freshen up your home for Spring is…. PLANTS! You may not want as many as I have… which I wouldn’t understand why… but who knows ! ; ) I keep finding places to squeeze plants in my small home and I don’t think I will ever stop!

Head to your local nursery and see what beauties you can find. I prefer going to nurseries over large hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes because sometimes I go in there with a list of questions and the person working may not have all the answers. When I go to the nurseries where that is all they sell… they can give you really great information and seem to have a lot more variety to choose from.  I like to keep the pots and containers that my plants are in fairly simple. Either just plain terra cotta or maybe a rustic white wash… I do have a few pots that have color or paintings on them. Last Spring I scored BIG time. I bought THREE large boxes of  pots from a lady off Craigslist for $20. I have almost every size pot there is and have used many of them for crafts with the kids in my in-home childcare. Gotta love a good Craigslist find!

Here are some of my plant babies  : D

*Something I do for every almost every holiday and every season is change out the art in my bathroom. I have this simple frame and I find free printables on Pinterest and change it out. I had some vintage Christmas decorations in my bathroom last year and found an image online that matched my decor so I popped it into the frame and voila! I had this “love” one still up from Valentines day so I needed something for Spring…

This was the printable I had from Valentines Day

I got this printable from I Watch Them Grow

Here is my new printable! I think this one is so cute


*Something that is not decor-related but I buy every Spring… new sponges and cleaning supplies! I do make some of my own multi-purpose sprays (and will share those DIYs with you all soon) so if I am running low I make a new batch. I also get new sponges and such and am loving these right now ! Nothing says Spring like a squeaky clean house!



OK, one last tip! Something that is so easy to change out is… sofa pillows ! Or even the pillows on your bed. I use to dream of being able to have multiple cute throw pillows and wondered how the hell anyone could afford them. Here are my secrets:

  1. Always check your local Target for a small hidden clearance section. In my Target it’s always near the organization products like bins and rubbermaid bins. It is a small end cap and there is always something there! I found this pillow for $7! Originally I believe it was around $26.
  2. Check out the WISH app. Be careful- it truly can be addicting because everything is so damn cheap! But it adds up quickly. Trust me. You can get pillow covers for $2!! And shipping is just a buck or two. It does take quite awhile to ship sometimes but always worth it. I have only had one pillow case that I wasn’t thrilled about from them. The colors just weren’t as crisp and vibrant as it looked on the photo. But other than that, I have 7 other pillow cases that I am extremely happy with. Then you can head to Joann’s, use a coupon and get a pillow insert for a few bucks. That is a totally adorable throw pillow for under $10. I love that you can easily zip them on and off because last Christmas I had some cute Christmas/winter pillow cases I was just able to switch out with the cases on pillows I already had on my couch.
Clearance pillow from Target
Elephant pillow case from the WISH app


*Post contains amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase there is a small compensation to me at no cost to you.



I hope that this post gives you some inspiration or ideas to freshen up your space !

Have a beautiful weekend!

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