Nature Collage Sun Catchers

March 28, 2017
sun catcher

My FAVORITE type of crafts are the kind that do not cost any money… anyone else?? And using natural materials always makes for a great time with kids. We love going on “nature hunts” in our backyard, at the park, at open spaces… We bring a bag or basket and gather up anything that catches our eye. This week’s unit for my in-home childcare is all about Spring of course ! So we went on a little hunt in my yard and found some real beauties to make these sun catchers.

sun catcherSupplies needed:

  1. clear contact paper
  2. Colored Construction paper of your choice
  3. Scissors
  4. Grass, flowers, leaves, etc


Cut a frame for your sun catcher- we just did simple rectangles but you could do circles, squares, or even a cute flower shape. I traced the shape on construction paper and then the children cut them out with safety scissors. Next cut out a  piece of the clear contact paper to fit over the entire frame.  Take the baking off and lay it down with the non-sticky side facing up. Lay the frame you made right on top- being careful to smooth it out and not got too many bubbles.

Then you can add whatever natural elements that you like ! This is the really fun part in my opinion because they can really let their imaginations go. One child was building a picture with the flowers and grass and making a “scene”. I love it!

The final step is laying the second piece of clear contact paper on top so the sticky sides meet. I usually just do this part as it is a bit difficult to lay it down while smoothing out bumps and wrinkles. They don’t have to be perfect- ours had plenty of little bubbles and wrinkles but do your best! We had a lot of flowers and little twigs in ours that were very bumpy so they did not lie flat nicely.




I really love the way these turned out. We make sun catchers often but these have been my favorite so far !


sun catcher



sun catcher


Thanks for stopping by ! I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration to make your own sun catchers with your kiddos ! Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea!! My son loves nature and I love pretty things so this sounds like a perfect fit for us both! Thank you for the crafty idea!

  2. Wow he is doing great task. He seems like enjoying his fun activity. Its a best activity for kidos to make their mind little creative. Like your crafty tips too. Thanks for sharing

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